Brake lining is used in the braking system of vehicles and machinery to create the necessary friction required to stop or slow down a moving object. It is of the highest grade quality and is made up of fine material to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. We take extra care to produce our Brake lining, and we assure you that it is of the highest quality and believe that when our customers are satisfied and fully fulfilled the product is up to the mark. Good Grip Friction, based in Kolkata, India manufactures our Friction lining on our own and we also export it.

Brake Lining

  • Width is from 25m/m (1”) TO 400 m/m 
  • Thickness is from 5m/m (3/16”) to 16 m/m (5/8”)16”
  • Its compressive strength is 630-650 kg/cm square
  • The Rivet Holding Capacity is 885-925 kg/cm square
  • The Tensile strength is 180-200 kg/cm square
  • It is used for industrial purposes so we make sure it is hardy, sturdy, and long-lasting.
Product Name Brake Lining
Brand Name Good Grip
Material Used EPTFE
Type Geomembranes
Is It Disposable Disposable
Colour Brown  (Depends on the requirement)
Features It is ultra-durable and It is of top-notch quality
Delivery Time Depends on the order quantity
Payment Terms Contact us for more information
Payment Modes Only Banking modes are accepted (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS)
Minimum Order Quantity 20-30 Meters (Contact us for more information)
Main Domestic Market All over India
Export Areas Accros the world (Specially Europian countries, African countries, Asian countries) 
Country Origin India


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