Good Grip Brand Industrial BA WOVEN Brake Lining of Quality is made from a special quality yarn having high content of fiber and adequately annealed fine brass wire having appropriate flexibility. A polymer-based medium developed especially through exclusive in-house R & D is used as a natural bonding agent. Good Grip adopts a process where asbestos yarn is reinforced with brass wire by spurning the same around Metallic wire. The reinforced yarn with wire is woven on a power loom in the shape of a belt to pre-determined thickness x width x length. The solid woven belt is then impregnated in the bonding medium and ultimately cured at the level determined by the in-house R &D.

Woven Brake Roll Lining

Good Grip industrial brake lining possess a high mechanical strength as imparted in it by the heterogeneous composition of chosen ingredients. While the woven mechanism contributes a good amount of flexibility, The metallic component induces an inherent property to appreciably dissipate the heat generated in the system at the time of application. This quality of good thermal conductivity along with the specially Developed bonding medium attributes the following in particular


Coefficient of Friction 0.38 to 0.41

Specific Gravity 1.5 to 1.6gm/cc

Tensile Strength 230 to 240 kg/cm 2

Compressive Strength (for 10% Compression) 610 to 630 kg/cm 2



APPEARANCE - Good Grip lining conforms to black and both the surfaces are ungrounded while the edges got a smooth ground finish.

AVAILABILITY: Good Grip lining is marketed in the form of roll of 15 meters in length and width between 25.4mm to 410mm. width thickness varying from 4.8mm to 19.1mm. Segments, cones, and any other shape can easily be cut from all the available sizes as mentioned above. It is also possible to form it in the desired radius and for the same the lining is to be heated uniformly to a moderate temperature in order to soften the impermanent to facilitate such operations while fitting.

APPLICATIONS: Good Grip liner based on his excellent suitability finds a wide variety of Industrial usage as a frictional Material on the brake drum/band and clutch plate of Marine Winches, underground haulages, mine-winding appliances, winches, drop-hammers, excavators, cranes. Lifts, road-rollers, shovels, sugar mill centrifuges, concrete mixture. Drilling units etc.

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